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Glass Alcohol Thermometer (-20C, 110C)


Product Description

This glass alcohol filled thermometer is recommended for laboratory use, educational use and general science experiments. Black numbering on a white or yellow background and red alcohol indicator make this thermometer easy to read. Alcohol thermometers are environmentally safe for use at home or school.

Usable Range: -20ºC to 110° C (equal to -4ºF to +230ºF)
Length: 30 cm (12 inches)

We recommend anyone who is using mercury thermometers to replace them with high-tech accurate alternatives that are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
This glass alcohol thermometer is available in two different calibrations, partial immersion or total immersion. It measures a wide range of temperatures from –20ºC (–4ºF) up to 110ºC (+230ºF). 

The Non-mercury thermometers have a guaranteed accuracy of +/- 1.5 scale divisions for their entire usable range. These ranges are comparable to most mercury thermometers of the same type and range. 

Non-mercury thermometers need to be stored upright or the liquid inside will separate. Instructions will be available for recombining liquid that has separated in a non-mercury thermometer. 

Each thermometer comes in a protective plastic container. 

Calibrated for: Partial immersion
A partial immersion thermometer has a line around it at the immersion distance from the bottom. It indicates correctly when the bulb and liquid column to that line are exposed to the temperature being measured.

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