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Slime Science Kit (Polymer)


Product Description

Learn about the scientific world of slime, and discover your talents in Chemistry, polymers and material science. Get a feeling on how scientists connect small molecules of gases and liquids and make solid plastics and rubbers.

This kit includes materials to make 5 different slimes: Glooze, Wiggly Wonder, Power Putty, Flip-Flop slime, and more. You may hear about chemicals such as Borax, Guar Gum, starch and polyvinyl acetate. But you will never know their real properties unless you perform hands-on experiments such as those described in Slime Science kit. 

Instructions are online.

Make different kinds of slimes and learn about polymers and colloids. Explore the 
weird properties of slime.

Why learn about polymers and colloids? Why not? They’re slimy, they make a mess, 
you can color them, you can put them on your dinner plate. What could be more fun? 

Who knows? Maybe you will use these skills and open a polymer or glue factory in the future.

This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read cautions on individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.

Make Sewer Slime, Flip-Flop Slime, Power Putty, Glooze, Wiggly Wonder.

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