• ALNICO Bar Magnet

    ALNICO Bar Magnet

    These bar magnets measure about 1/4" x 1/2" x 3" (72 x 12 x 6 mm). The magnets are made of Aluminum (Al), Nickel (Ni), and Cobalt (Co) which makes for a super strong and high quality magnet.  Alnico bar magnets can be used with iron filings to...

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  • Aluminum Case Compass

    Aluminum Case Compass

    40mm Diameter round magnetic compass.It is perfect for student experimentation of magnetism and magnetic fields as well as travel, orientation, scouting, hiking and, maps.Full circle divided into 360ß with N,S,E,W,NE,SE,SW and NW directions...

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  • Aluminum Electrodes

    Aluminum Electrodes

    Single metal electrodes for assembling voltaic cells or in various other chemical or electricity experiments. Size (l x w), 125 x 20mm Each metal electrode is stamped with a 2 letter code (AL) to identify the metal.

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  • Aluminum Sulfate

    Aluminum Sulfate

    [Al2 (SO4)3] - (Also known as Alum, Pearl Alum, Cake Alum) Technical grade. Meets American Water Works Association Standard B-403-98 for use in treatment of municipal and industrial water supplies. Used as moderant for dyeing, pH control...

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  • Ammeter, Desktop, Dual Scale

    Ammeter, Desktop, Dual Scale

      Ammeter or Amp meter or Ampere meter is used to show the electric current in an electric circuit. This is a dual scale desktop ammeter for the range of 0 to 3 Amperes or 0 to 0.6 Amperes.This ammeter has one black binding post for the...

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  • Ammonium Chloride, also known as Sal Ammoniac or Salmiak with formula NH4Cl comes in white-fine crystals; Soluble in water and glycerol; slightly soluble in alcohol.

    Ammonium Chloride, 99.9%

    Ammonium Chloride, also known as Sal Ammoniac or Salmiak with formula NH4Cl comes in white-fine crystals; Soluble in water and glycerol; slightly soluble in alcohol.Ammonium chloride is used as a flux in preparing metals to be tin coated, galvanized or...

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  • Ammonium Nitrate, technical grade prilled (granular).

    Ammonium Nitrate, 99%+

    Ammonium Nitrate, technical grade prilled (granular).May be used as laboratory reagent, in agriculture and gardening as a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Ammonium nitrate is used in cold packs and freezing mixtures due to its endothermic hydrating process...

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  • Analog Multimeter

    Analog Multimeter

    Analog multimeter for general electrical use. 16 Position rotary function and range selector. Measures AC/DC Voltage, DC Current and resistance Fuse & Diode protection. Integrated test leads. Meets UL 1244 & IEC-1010-1. Includes rugged...

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  • Animal Slide Set

    Animal Slide Set

    Each set includes twelve different slides. Slides are glass. Slides for this set include: Sheep Hair Manufactured, Feather Fowl Point, Goldfish Scale, Striated Muscle of Frog, Canary Feather, Pheasant Fur, Hare Hair, Fox Hair, Mouse Fur, Cat Hair, Dog...

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  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (1 lb.)

    Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (1 lb.)

    Synonyms: L-ascorbic acid; L-3-ketothreohexuronic acid; Ascorbicap; Cebid; Cecon; Cevalin; Cemill; Sunkist; L-(+)-Ascorbic Acid; Acid Ascorbic; antiscorbic vitamin; antiscorbutic vitamin; cevitamic acid; 3-keto-L-gulofuranolactone; L-3-ketothreohexuronic...

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  • Bacteria Growth Science Kit

    Bacteria Growth Science Kit

    Growing bacteria is the main experiment for many biology projects, which is why you need proper materials and supplies. This kit includes all the proper essentials to grow bacteria and perform several different science projects and experiments...

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