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Knowledge is power. Science is fun. Hands-on activities are the best way of learning. These are what I know now.

When I started my experiments in young age of about 5, I had no idea about their educational values. I even didn't know that such experiments can be classified as chemistry, physics, biology, or other branches of science. I thought of them as play.

For at least two decades I didn't know that such experiments are useful. I just thought of them as hobby or curiosity.

Then something magical happened. I felt that it is easy to start manufacturing different products and I was wondering why doesn't everybody do it. I started talking to my friends and family and sharing with them the things they can do and businesses they can start.

I started my first manufacturing project while I was still in college. When I graduated, I decided to start a research and consulting company helping others to start manufacturing. While interviewing engineers and scientists applying for job, I realized that many of them do not have practical knowledge and hands on training. That's when I realized that my experiments have really helped and whiteout them I could not have necessary skills to be the head scientist and engineer in my newly established research and development company.

That's when I decided to facilitate home experiments and educational activities for others who may be interested. I put together a list of supplies for learning science and engineering. I also identified some of the best manufacturers who can provide good quality products at low price and started wholesale distribution of "Science Education Supplies" online at MiniScience.com. 

In just a few years MiniScience had more than 1000 different products and hundreds of customers who really appreciate them. Now, thousands of schools and universities and teachers rely on MiniScience websites for their educational supplies. They are the driving force behind our fast growing business.

I still enjoy doing science experiments and learning new things. The only difference is that now I know how important they are. In addition, I no longer need to search for every small item. I just get them from MiniScience warehouse. "This is for test and quality control" I say!

If you are reading this page, obviously you also are a science lover and a friend I can count on. Please don't be a stranger. Tell me what else I can do to help millions of students and educators. I really appreciate your advise.


With love and respect to all scientists and engineers.

Mohammad Hamzeh



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