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  • Axle rods with 3-mm diameter and 75-mm length for toys, hobbies, science kits and technology training kits. Made of hard carbon steel.

    Axle rod, 3 mm x 75 mm, Pack of 100

    Axle rods with 3-mm diameter are usually used for plastic wheels made in Europe and Asia. This includes the MiniScience brand Gear-Wheel, Plastic gears and small front wheels such as those used in Solar Car Kit.These axles fit snugly in wheels or gears...

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  • Ball and Ring set for thermal expansion demonstration and experiments Ball and Ring for heat expansion demonstration.

    Ball and Ring, Demonstrating thermal expansion

    Ball and ring are used to demonstrate the thermal expansion and contraction of metals when heated and cooled.When the ball is cold it can easily go through the ring. When you heat it up, it will expand (become larger) and does not go through the ring...

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  • Basic Gyroscope

    The gyroscope has been a classic educational toy for generations. It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. Each gyroscope comes with starting string, pedestal and instructions for several amazing...

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  • Boyle's Law Apparatus


    Boyle’s law apparatus is used for demonstration of Boyle’s law. According to the Boyle’s law there is an inverse relation between the volume and pressure of all gasses (at any constant temperature and fixed mass). For example when you...

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  • 7 solid brass balls

    Brass Ball, 3/4 inch diameter

    Solid brass balls for physics experiments and demonstrations such as density and volume measurements, potential energy and conservation experiments, Law of motion. Sold individually. Discounts / bulk pricing apply to quantities of 4 and more.

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  • Brass Balls, 1/2 inch diameter, pack of 10

    Solid brass balls for physics experiments and demonstrations such as density and volume measurements, potential energy and conservation experiments, Law of motion. Each ball is 1/2 inch in diameter (about 12 mm) and is made of solid brass. 

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  • Bronze Powder, Filter Grade 25

    Bronze Powder, Filter Grade 25

    BZ25P is a spherical particle bronze developed to satisfy the needs of the high reliability metallic filter market, this material is adaptable to an expanding range of applications. Its fully alloyed and has a closely controlled particle size range of...

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  • Large compound bar (Bi-metal)

    Compound Bar, Bimetal

    Compound bar is used to demonstrate unequal expansion in different material on heating. Highlights the role of temperature and materials in practical applications such as in thermostats.  Other compound bars use a laminated metal known as bimetal...

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  • Cubes, Various Metals

    Various metal cubes that are usually used to compare density or other physical properties are sold separately. Smaller cubes are 10mm cubes and larger cubes are 20mm cubes.  Price varies depending on metal and size. Metals include: Iron, Aluminum,...

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  • Gravitron Space Gyroscope

    Gravitron is an exciting toy that brings the gravity defying tricks of the gyroscope into a child’s world of imagination. A Gravitron is a gyroscope concealed in a space ship and operates with a simple-to-use T-handle. Even a small child can...

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  • Heat Conductometer

    Heat conductometer may be used to compare the heat conductivity of common metals including steel, copper, aluminum, iron and brass. Two models available.

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