• Analog Multimeter

    Analog Multimeter

    Analog multimeter for general electrical use. 16 Position rotary function and range selector. Measures AC/DC Voltage, DC Current and resistance Fuse & Diode protection. Integrated test leads. Meets UL 1244 & IEC-1010-1. Includes rugged...

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  • Basic Analog Multimeter

    Basic Analog Multimeter

    MF133 is a basic personal multimeter for home or office uses. This is also the most common multimeter for students and it often comes as a part of educational science kits related to electricity.  Size(HxWxD):100mmx64mmx33mm Weight:95g 

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  • Desktop Analog Multimeter

    Desktop Analog Multimeter

    AMM360 is a desktop analog multitester for measuring DC Volt, AC Volt, DC Current and Resistance. AMM360 can be used as a very sensitive galvanometer and can show as low as 0.01 DC voltage. AMM360 can also be used to test transistors and diodes. Use it...

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