Magnesium metal in the form of ribbons, coils, sheets, sticks, rods and electrodes

  • Magnesium Electrode Coil Magnesium Electrode Coil

    Magnesium Electrode Coil

    Magnesium electrode coil is made of high purity magnesium strip formed as a coil in order to provide a larger surface contact with electrolyte. Magnesium coil may be a valuable addition to your collection of metals. Each magnesium electrode coil has an...

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  • Magnesium Ribbon Cut Strips

    Magnesium Ribbon Cut Strips

    Magnesium Ribbon Cut Strips. It comes in one continuous strip or up to 5 pieces with an overall total length of 6 feet up to 10 feet. This magnesium ribbon is about 3 mm wide and 0.03mm thick. Can be used for combustion experiments. Flammable solid...

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  • Magnesium Ribbon, economy grade, Made in India Burning of Magnesium Ribbon, economy grade

    Magnesium Ribbon, economy grade

    Complete roll of Magnesium Ribbon (about 40 feet long and 27 grams) economy grade, Made in India. This metal ribbon may have sharp edges and splinters. You must use gloves and be careful while handling it. It ignites within 5 seconds in contact with the...

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  • Magnesium sheet metal Magnesium Sheet 8" x 5"

    Magnesium Sheet 8" x 5"

    Magnesium Sheet, General purpose, high strength to weight ratio. Contains about 95% magnesium. The remaining 5% is mainly aluminum and zinc that improve the physical property of the product. Cut to 8" x 5" (125mm x 205mm) with a thickness of 0.04 inch...

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  • Magnesium Stick 300 mm long Magnesium Stick individually packaged

    Magnesium Stick

    99.8% MAGNESIUM. 1 LB STICK 1.3" (32mm) dia x 12" (300mm) long. May be used to make magnesium parts or magnesium alloys. Warning: Magnesium is a flammable metal. Keep magnesium filings, powder and strips away from any flame.Typical Analysis:Aluminum 0...

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