• Brain Model, Dissectable in 3 Pieces

    Human Brain Model, this plastic replica human brain shows multiple views. Great for hands-on study of brain anatomy. It is delivered on a removable base for easy viewing and display for patients or students. It is unmarked and unpainted.Made of durable...

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  • Brain Model, Dissectable in 8 pieces

    This human brain model with arteries is delivered on a removable base for easy viewing and display for medical students. Made of durable and light polymers, it is an excellent visual aid that demonstrates the external features of human brain as a...

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  • Heart Model, Life Size, Basic

    An excellent, economical, life-size heart model. Anatomically accurate and great for learning basic internal and external anatomy of the heart. Dissects into 2 parts. Size: 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 6".

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  • Human Brain Model

    1 X the actual human brain, this model of the brain comes on a tray stand. It is vertically dissected into two parts. This model is hand painted and has numbered parts along with keyed description. This model will make a great teaching tool at home or...

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  • Human Skull Model (Premium)

    This skull model is excellent for introductory anatomy courses. Life size unit shows excellent detail with a removable molar, incisor, and canine tooth for further study of the tooth roots. The mandible is spring mounted and sectioned calvaria is...

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  • Human Torso Model, Male 10 "

    Male torso model with musculature on one side and surface skin on the other. Dissects into 15 parts: torso, posterior section of the head, brain (2 parts), trachea, lungs (4 parts), heart, liver, stomach, intestine, and kidney with pancreas. Mounted on a...

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  • Life Size Human Skeleton Model

    Give students the opportunity to discover skeletal anatomy with this life-sized skeleton. Features unbreakable plastic bones that were carefully cast to preserve the finest details. The mandible is hinged; the arms, legs and skull are removable; and the...

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  • Model of the Ear

    Colorful large size and very detail model of human ear is about 5 times the actual size for better visibility. It is mounted on a base for security and stability while in display.This model of human ear is made of light, but indestructible polymer, and...

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  • Model of the Eye

    3 X the actual human eye, this plastic model of the human eye comes on a stand but can be removed for a closer observation and dissection.  This model is dissectible in 6 numbered parts that come along with a keyed description.  This detailed...

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  • Model of the Heart

    This model of the heart is a great learning resource for students as well as professionals. You may have seen a model similar to this in your doctors office and now is your chance to have one at home. The heart is the most amazing part of our bodies and...

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