Science Kits

  • Advanced Air Saltwater Battery Kit

    Advanced Air Saltwater Battery Kit

    This is the advanced/ long-life version of the standard Air/Saltwater battery. AIRBATX science set contains the essential materials you need to perform the air/saltwater battery experiment and demonstrate the production of electricity for more than 24...

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  • Air/Saltwater Battery Kit

    Air/Saltwater Battery Kit

    Includes 4 magnesium electrodes, 2 Iron electrodes, one steel wool, light base, light bulb, connecting wires and super bright LED. You will need additional materials such as a plastic container and wooden base (optional).  Hazards: Magnesium is a...

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  • Bacteria Growth Science Kit

    Bacteria Growth Science Kit

    Growing bacteria is the main experiment for many biology projects, which is why you need proper materials and supplies. This kit includes all the proper essentials to grow bacteria and perform several different science projects and experiments...

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  • Battery Life Test Kit

    Battery Life Test Kit

    Battery Life Test Kit includes essential materials and online instructions to assemble a basic electric circuit to test general purpose alkaline (dry cell) batteries. This kit includes materials for testing up to 4 AA size batteries at the same time...

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  • Buzz Wire Kit, 36"

    Buzz Wire Kit, 36"

    Similar to the game you may have seen at the carnivals, this kit allows you to customize your own fun design which also makes it an intriguing educational tool. Also known as the steady-hand, buzz-wire, buzz-it and buzzer wire game. Kit...

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  • Electricity & Conductivity

    Electricity & Conductivity

    Electricity and Conductivity Science Kit is a collection of the most useful elements that you need in order to experiment and understand electrical circuits, current, voltage and conductivity. It also includes ideas and questions that help you to...

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  • Electromagnet Science Kits, Basic

    Electromagnet Science Kits, Basic

    Build an electromagnet, an electrical catapult, a doorbell chime, a telegraph, an electromagnetic relay and more with this electromagnetism science set. This basic level kit includes 3 experiments; Each kit includes online instructions.

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  • Electromagnetism Advanced Science Kit

    Electromagnetism Advanced Science Kit

    This kit includes all the tools you need to learn electromagnetism. With this kit, you can do more than 30 experiments involving electromagnetics and magnets. This kit includes: 6 Disk Magnets 1 Neodymium Magnet (Super magnet) 2 Latch Magnet 3...

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  • Floating Wheels (Frictionless Bearing)

    Floating Wheels (Frictionless Bearing)

    Floating wheels is among the most exciting magnet levitation attempts. The idea is making a wheel and axle that will float above a set of magnets and can rotate with no friction. This is a challenging experiment and interesting novelty that provides an...

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  • Gauss Rifle (Magnetic Linear Accelerator)

    Gauss Rifle (Magnetic Linear Accelerator)

    Magnetic linear accelerator also known as the Gauss Rifle uses a magnetic chain reaction to launch a steel ball at high speed. This is a very simple project to build, it takes only a few minutes to put together. It is simple to understand and explain,...

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  • Hand Warmer Kit

    Hand Warmer Kit

    Ever wondered how hand warmers work? Well, wonder no more! Here is your chance to make your own hand warmer and learn the science behind it with this kit! Kit includes sufficient materials to make 20 separate hand warmers/experiments. With...

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  • Hydraulic Cylinder Set

    Hydraulic Cylinder Set

    Hydraulic Cylinder Set includes two 20-ml plastic syringes and one PVC tube about 20 cm long. Students can use that to experiment and demonstrate how fluids can be used to transfer force and energy in complex directions.

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