• Mirror, Convex, D:75mm, FL:200

    Mirror, Convex, D:75mm, FL:200

    Wide view circular mirror with 3 inches (75 mm) diameter and 8 inches (20 cm) focal point. Used in science experiments to show how parallel light beams such as sunlight diverge and cover a larger area. Also used as a wide view mirror for cars, trucks,...

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  • Flat acrylic mirrors for optical experiments Mirrors, Flat Acrylic

    Mirrors, Flat Acrylic

    Flat acrylic mirrors also known as safety mirrors are used for optical experiments related to mirrors. In addition to verifying the laws of reflection, mirrors are used to make kaleidoscope, Universal reflector, infinity box, and perform other...

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  • Mirrors, Spherical, Convex Mirrors, Spherical, Convex

    Mirrors, Spherical, Convex

    Convex mirrors, educational grade, For basic experiments in optics. Made of optically true glass, with protected silver coating. Available in different circle diameters and different focal points (different curvatures). The most common size (75 mm with...

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  • Wooden Stand for Lens and Mirror

    Wooden Stand for Lens and Mirror

    This wooden stand holds lenses or mirror with diameters of up to 100 milimeters in vertical position for light related experiments or demonstrations. Suitable for all light experiments when you need to mount the lens or mirror an a hight of about 10 to...

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