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  • Aluminum Case Compass

    40mm Diameter round magnetic compass.It is perfect for student experimentation of magnetism and magnetic fields as well as travel, orientation, scouting, hiking and, maps.Full circle divided into 360ß with N,S,E,W,NE,SE,SW and NW directions...

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  • Directional Lensatic Compass, Plastic Case

    For aiming on land and water.Ideal for locating positions on a map or in the field.45mm diameter. Liquid filled for fast readability with high impact plastic case and brief instruction. -Floating white luminous dial with black marking. -Adjustable...

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  • Large, 3" Round Compass

    This large Compass is 3 inches in diameter.  It is perfect for student experimentation of magnetism and magnetic fields as well as travel, orientation, scouting, hiking and maps. Because of the size and visibility, this compass is a favorite...

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  • Magnetic Needle

    For studying magnetic phenomena such as operation of a compass, testing of magnetic poles, finding the direction of electric current etc. Consists of a magnetized steel needle with brass bearing. May be pivoted on a non-magnetic metal stand. North pole...

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  • Map Compasses, Small size, set of 10

    Map Compasses, Small size, set of 10

    Small map compass is a magnetic compass with a see trough design. Both sides of the compass have glass so that when placed the compass on a map, you can see the map trough the compass. In this compass the needle shaft is secured by two small holes on the...

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  • Map Measure Compass

    For reading of topographical and tourist maps and determination of azimuthal location of a given place. suitable for overhead projection. Transparent design. Compass diameter 45mm, mounted on a 6 x 11cm transparent plastic base with scale side up to...

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  • Military Lensatic Compass

    For aiming on land and water. Rugged metal case and white floating luminous dial. 45mm diameter, directions indicated and brief instruction on the package. -Distance measuring scale -Adjusting luminous marching line.-Thumb hold and magnifying...

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  • Plastic Compass without Liquid

    Magnetic compass made of plastic shell and steel magnetic needle. The pointer is color coded so that the red pointer points to the magnetic north and while points to the magnetic south of the earth. Diameter is 45mm. Plastic body with black base and...

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  • Plastic Lensatic Compass

    Engineer style for aiming on land and water.45mm diameter compass with black plastic case. Liquid filled for fast readability. Luminous black base and white marking for clear visibility . Sighting hairline,metal thumb hold and magnifying viewer.

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  • Plastic Magnetic Compass

    For tracing the magnetic fields of bar magnets. 40mm diameter round compass. Plastic body with 8 directions N,S,E,W,NE,SE,NW and SW marked on white base. Red tip of the magnetic needle indicates North.See Quantity Discounts below:

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