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  • Polyvinyl Alcohol (Elvanol 71-30)

    PVOH3099 (Elvanol® 71-30) is a medium viscosity, fully hydrolized grade of polyvinyl alcohol. White, powder, soluble in hot water but insoluble in cold water and common organic solvents. For most applications, PVOH 30-99 prepared in water solutions...

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  • SELVOL 205 Polyvinyl Alcohol

    Selvol 205 is a low viscosity, easy to dissolve polyvinyl alcohol generally used as a stiffener or sizing agent for textile and paper.Viscosity of a 4% solution is 5.2 up to 6.2 cps. Due to the low viscosity, this product may be applied by spray bottles...

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  • Water soluble starch is a corn starch product modified to become water soluble. It is used in production of liquid starch, glue and laundry starch.

    Water soluble starch, Laundry starch powder

    This starch is modified so that it can dissolve in water easily and at high concentration. It is used to make laundry starch and starch based glues such as those used on the back of the stamps. Starch based glues are highly demanded due to their safety...

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