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  • Ball and Ring set for thermal expansion demonstration and experiments Ball and Ring for heat expansion demonstration.

    Ball and Ring, Demonstrating thermal expansion

    Ball and ring are used to demonstrate the thermal expansion and contraction of metals when heated and cooled.When the ball is cold it can easily go through the ring. When you heat it up, it will expand (become larger) and does not go through the ring...

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  • Large compound bar (Bi-metal)

    Compound Bar, Bimetal

    Compound bar is used to demonstrate unequal expansion in different material on heating. Highlights the role of temperature and materials in practical applications such as in thermostats.  Other compound bars use a laminated metal known as bimetal...

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  • Dial Thermometer (Fahrenheit 0° to 220°)

    Dial Thermometers are an excellent choice for many applications including food & beverage quality control, general lab use, asphalt/concrete testing, and soil & compost testing. The dial thermometer is great for determining development and...

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  • Digital Thermometer

    VEE GEE Brand Digital Thermometers are ideal for temperature monitoring in essentially any setting. In the laboratory easily monitor test tubes, reagents, beakers flasks.  Additional Description   Range of -50 to 150°C or -58 to...

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  • Digital Thermometer (Celsius)

    Digital thermometer with external sensor allow accurate measurement of temperature inside devices (such as refrigerator, computer, etc.) or even outside the room. The sensor is connected to the display unit via a 3-feet (90 cm) cable. It can be mounted/...

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  • Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer

    This multi-function device can measure the humidity, as well as inside and outside temperature. It can be placed on a desk or hung on the wall.Temperature Range:Inside temperature: -10~+50°C (+14~+122°F)Outside temperature: 50~+70°C...

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  • Glass Alcohol Thermometer (-20C, 110C)

    Glass Alcohol Thermometer (-20C, 110C)

    This glass alcohol filled thermometer is recommended for laboratory use, educational use and general science experiments. Black numbering on a white or yellow background and red alcohol indicator make this thermometer easy to read. Alcohol thermometers...

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  • Digital thermometer with thermocouple probe. Thermocouple Thermometer (-50C to 1300C)

    Thermocouple Thermometer (-50C to 1300C)

    Thermocouple thermometer is an electronic device with digital display for measuring a wide range of temperatures starting -50 degree Celsius up to 1300 degree Celsius. The thermocouple wire in this device that acts as the probe or sensor is about 3 feet...

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