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  • Ceramic Disc Magnets (set of 10) Multi-Colored

    This set includes ten, multi-colored, 3/4" diameter, ceramic disc magnets.  Ceramic magnets are made from strontium ferrite.  These strong magnets can be painted or glued to other objects making them perfect for both craft projects and...

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  • Directional Lensatic Compass, Plastic Case

    For aiming on land and water.Ideal for locating positions on a map or in the field.45mm diameter. Liquid filled for fast readability with high impact plastic case and brief instruction. -Floating white luminous dial with black marking. -Adjustable...

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  • Electromagnetism Advanced Science Kit

    This kit includes all the tools you need to learn electromagnetism. With this kit, you can do more than 30 experiments involving electromagnetics and magnets. This kit includes: 6 Disk Magnets 1 Neodymium Magnet (Super magnet) 2 Latch Magnet 3...

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  • Fine Iron Filings (Bulk)

    Iron filings, high purity for science experiments, industrial applications and laboratory use. For quantities over 100 lbs, the product will be shipped in a bucket. 

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  • Fine Iron Filings (in shakers)

    Iron filing, 12 ounce, in a shaker for convenience plus screw cap for safe-keeping. They are ideal for experimentation with magnetic fields. When you place these filings on any magnet, you can visualize 3D magnetic fields. This demonstration is very...

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  • Lensatic Compass, Metal Case

    Engineering style for aiming on land and water. Liquid filled for fast readability with sturdy metal case and brief instruction. 45mm diameter, directions indicated.

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  • Magnet Levitation Science Kit

    Discover the gravity defying effects of magnetism through experiments in equilibrium, gravity, and magnetic fields. Then build a Magnetic Levitation Train with this kit.  If you need additional magnetic strips or want to make your own kits, please...

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  • Magnetic Needle

    For studying magnetic phenomena such as operation of a compass, testing of magnetic poles, finding the direction of electric current etc. Consists of a magnetized steel needle with brass bearing. May be pivoted on a non-magnetic metal stand. North pole...

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  • Map Measure Compass

    For reading of topographical and tourist maps and determination of azimuthal location of a given place. suitable for overhead projection. Transparent design. Compass diameter 45mm, mounted on a 6 x 11cm transparent plastic base with scale side up to...

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