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pH Indicators

  • pH Indicator Strip, **Select Special Range**

    pH-Fix is a high quality, color-fixed pH test strip. It prevents fingers from coming in contact with sample and increases safety of operation. To prevent bleeding, the ph-indicator is chemically bound to the cellulose fiber. MN921 is available in...

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  • pH Paper Roll, Universal and Special ranges

    pH indicator paper rolls, Available in 12 different pH range cover all laboratory and industrial needs. pH indicator rolls are recommended for laboratory uses where higher quality indicators are expected. The clear plastic dispenser protects the...

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  • Universal pH paper booklet containing 80 strips, pH range 1-14

    Universal pH Paper (pH 1-14)

    Universal pH Indicator paper book comes in books of 80 strips that can easily be detached from the book on a perforated line. All you have to do is just dip in and read off! Use these pH indicator strips for rapid measurement of pH in a liquid sample...

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