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  • Glass Cylindrical Lens, Bi-Convex 50x45mm FL 72mm

    To focus light along a straight line. Useful for looking at full paths of rays on paper, such as pencils of light emerging from the slits of a comb illuminated by a small lamp. Made of optically true glass with polished faces and ground edges. Also...

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  • Lenses Spherical, Bi-Convex, 50 mm Diameter

    Bi-Convex lens is made of polished glass with ground edges. Bi-convex lens is also known as magnifying or condensing lenses, with two outward curving symmetrical faces. Available in different focal lengths to choose from. Convex lenses with a higher...

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  • Magnifier, Box Type, 6X

    One piece, durable plastic construction, with open bottom for viewing insects and small objects.  Clear acrylic sides allow the light to pass through.  Offers a high magnification of up to 8X with optical quality acrylic lenses. Additional...

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  • Pocket, Folding Magnifier (10X)

    This handy little pocket magnifier has a great magnification of 10X.  It is comprised of a pair of clear, plastic, convex lenses, mounted in a black plastic ring with a diameter of approximately 22mm.

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  • Wooden Stand for Lens and Mirror

    This wooden stand holds lenses or mirror with diameters of up to 100 milimeters in vertical position for light related experiments or demonstrations. Suitable for all light experiments when you need to mount the lens or mirror an a hight of about 10 to...

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