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  • Ammeter, Desktop, Dual Scale

      Ammeter or Amp meter or Ampere meter is used to show the electric current in an electric circuit. This is a dual scale desktop ammeter for the range of 0 to 3 Amperes or 0 to 0.6 Amperes.This ammeter has one black binding post for the...

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  • Aspirator Vacuum Pump, made of Brass Aspirator Vacuum Pump, made of Brass, Nickel plated

    Aspirator, Vacuum Pump, Brass, Nickel plated

    This aspirator is for vacuum filtration and other low-vacuum applications. With 9 mm serrated inlet nozzles, it is designed to prevent flooding and turbulence. It is a helpful tool in laboratories.Made of brass, plated with Nickel.

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  • Forceps, 105 mm long (4 inches), Fine Curved tip

    These fine curved tip forceps are perfect for handling small objects, grains, seeds, crystals as well as precise dissection work. They are made of stainless steel and have serrated tips and corrugated sides.These forceps would be a great addition to any...

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  • Lux meter

    Light Meter, Lux Tester, 200,000 Lux

    High Quality Pocket Light Meter Lux/FC Measure Tester 200,000 Lux Digital LCD backlight Description:Light Meter Model: HS1010 Laser pointer for accurate target aiming Backlight Measuring Range:2000/20000/200000 Lux 200/2000/20000...

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  • Metal G-Clamps, Pack of 2

    For clamping two apparatuses together or securing an apparatus to a table top. Also, useful for setting up rod mounted pulleys. Cast Iron enameled frame. Plated screw and vise type nut. Package includes 2 Metal G-clamps with jaw openings of 1" and 2".

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  • Mini pH Tester

    Economical tester for determination of soil pH. May also be used for liquids or solutions with pH range of 4 to 8. No batteries required.

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  • Plastic Weights, Set of 54

    Color coded plastic weights are excellent tools to teach students about masses, weight measurement and how balance scales work. You can use plastic masses with small educational balance scales or with your own home made balance scale.This set includes 54...

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  • Hand held postal scale, pocket scale, gold plated, vintage Postal scale

    Postal Hand Scale, Pocket Scale

    This is a limited quantity gold plated vintage postal scale used to determine the proper amount of stamp for mail pieces (envelops).These Postal Hand Scales have been providing an inexpensive method of weighing for postage. The Postal Hand Scales weigh...

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  • Primary Balance Scale

    A durable plastic balance from MiniScience. Designed to teach young children the concepts of mass and weight. Ideal for elementary level.

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  • Rain Gauge, Set of 2

    To measure the amount of rainfall in both Metric(Millimeter) and English(Inch) units. Contains two graduated containers, one for mounting (1.5"x1.5"x9") and the other (1.5"x1.5"x2")for ground.

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