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  • Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer

    This multi-function device can measure the humidity, as well as inside and outside temperature. It can be placed on a desk or hung on the wall.Temperature Range:Inside temperature: -10~+50°C (+14~+122°F)Outside temperature: 50~+70°C...

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  • Dual Scale Thermometer/Hygrometer, Wall Mount

    The VEE GEE Brand Wall-Mount Thermometer with hygrometer is a large-size instrument suitable for not only the laboratory or the home. With this instrument you can monitor humidity and temperature in your lab, office, computer room, green house or food...

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  • Hygrometer, Desktop and Wall Mount, 75mm

    High precision hygrometer; Can be used as a desktop or wall mount device; 75 mm overall diameter; white color; The stand comes detached so you can attach it if needed. Measuring humidity is important for weather forecast, green houses and nurseries,...

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  • Hygrometer, High Quality, 60mm

    Very high quality hygrometer, made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. Golden color. Outer ring is 60 mm, Dial is 50 mm and can be inserted in a 50-mm hole if mounted on equipment or cabinets.

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