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  • Plasma bulb is often used as an attractive decorating object or as a night light; however, it is really an educational scientific instrument invented by Tesla for observing the properties of high frequency electromagnetic forces or radio frequencies. A fluorescent light bulb held near a plasma bulb is lighting up without being connected to electricity.

    Plasma Ball 6" Motion & Sound

    Runs on a/c. No batteries required.   The Plasma Ball is powered by a Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil emits a high frequency, high voltage electromagnetic field. This energy caused nearby gasses to glow. The electric arcs are created when the...

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  • Radiometer

    Use a radiometer to show that light energy can be converted to mechanical energy. The vanes, or wings, in the Radiometer are alternately dark and light in color. When the light strikes these wings it transfers heat to each one - but not at the same...

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  • Solar Panel (Solar Cell) 0.6 Watt

    Polycrystaline Epoxy Resin solar panel with 0.6 watt output, used for solar energy science experiments, solar cars, solar robots and solar chargers. Size: 60 mm x 80 mm Output Voltage 1.5 VoltsOutput Current 400 mA Connecting these solar cells in...

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