Lab Supplies

  • Microscope Slides Straining Kit

    This Slides Staining Kit consists of 3 types of stains to help view different sections of plants and animal tissues as well as bacteria's and protozoa's. This set is a welcome addition to any home or professional lab and is essential in micro organism...

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  • Plastic Beakers, Griffin style

    Single piece, molded of translucent Polypropylene plastic, with raised numerical graduations on the outside. Resistant to most common acids, bases and solvents. Has a broad base for stability. All sizes have pouring spouts. Does not have meniscus...

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  • Porcelain Cavity Plate

    This porcelain cavity plate has 12 depressions.  It is suitable for observing color reactions and temporary storage of small specimens and solutions.  These cavity plates are used extensively in semi-micro chemistry.  They are...

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  • Hand held postal scale, pocket scale, gold plated, vintage Postal scale

    Postal Hand Scale, Pocket Scale

    This is a limited quantity gold plated vintage postal scale used to determine the proper amount of stamp for mail pieces (envelops).These Postal Hand Scales have been providing an inexpensive method of weighing for postage. The Postal Hand Scales weigh...

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  • Rain Gauge, Set of 2

    To measure the amount of rainfall in both Metric(Millimter) and English(Inch) units. Contains two graduated containers, one for mounting (1.5"x1.5"x9") and the other (1.5"x1.5"x2")for ground.

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  • Retort Clamp, Extension Clamp, Aluminum

    Retort Clamp or universal clamp, Cross pattern, 4 prongs, cork lined jaws, 24 cm long, 7.5mm T Rod, Made of cast aluminum alloy, not painted. A retort clamp is used to attach other apparatus, such as flasks, burettes and test tubes, to a retort stand...

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  • Rubber Tubing, Amber, Natural, Wide, Per Foot

    Latex tubing with 5/16 inch (about 8 mm) inner diameter and 1/16 inch (about 1.5 mm) wall thickness for use in laboratory, machinery, agriculture, pharmaceutical, automotive, and medicine. Applications for latex tubing include blood and fluid handling,...

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