Lab Supplies

  • Heat Conductometer

    Heat conductometer may be used to compare the heat conductivity of common metals including steel, copper, aluminum, iron and brass. Two models available.

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  • Hook Collar (13 mm)

    For suspending spring balances, cords, pendulums and other apparatus from support rods or cross members. These metal collars are fitted with thumbscrews.

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  • Magnesium Ribbon Cut Strips

    Magnesium Ribbon Cut Strips. It comes in one continuous strip or up to 5 pieces with an overall total length of 6 feet up to 10 feet. This magnesium ribbon is about 3 mm wide and 0.03mm thick. Can be used for combustion experiments. Flammable solid...

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  • Map Measure Compass

    For reading of topographical and tourist maps and determination of azimuthal location of a given place. suitable for overhead projection. Transparent design. Compass diameter 45mm, mounted on a 6 x 11cm transparent plastic base with scale side up to...

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  • Measuring Cylinder Set

    These polypropylene measuring cylinders are single piece, molded of translucent plastic with raised numerical graduations.  They are resistant to the most common acids, bases and solvents.  They also have a broad base for great stability and...

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  • Metal G-Clamps, Pack of 2

    For clamping two apparatuses together or securing an apparatus to a table top. Also, useful for setting up rod mounted pulleys. Cast Iron enameled frame. Plated screw and vise type nut. Package includes 2 Metal G-clamps with jaw openings of 1" and 2".

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  • Micro Spatula, 6", Set of 4

    This set includes four widely used stainless steel spatulas for laboratory use. Each spatula has two ends. This set offers 6 different heads including wide spoon, micro spoon, micro flat, wide flat, micro pointed, and micro bent. Wide spoon and wide flat...

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  • Microscope Slide Storage Boxes

    Plastic Microscope Slide Boxes are used for storing standard microscope slides in individually numbered grooves. Slide storage boxes come in 25 slide, 50 slide, and 100 slide capacities and are perfect for your home or laboratory in order to keep all...

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  • Microscope Slides and Covers

    Microscope Slides and Covers

    These glass microscope slides and covers are blemish free and clear so that you can see your results and not the imperfections. They are perfect for your home or laboratory. This set includes one pack of 50 glass slides and one pack of 100 glass slide...

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